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With over 700 employees across 18 branches in Australia and New Zealand, Hills have cemented their position as the leading value-adding distributor, providing professionals with an extensive range of products and solutions from local and international manufacturers.
Tobins are the Australasian Distributors for Tend Technology who manufacture a range of magnetic switches, micro and limit switches, foot and hoist switches, toggle switches, 22mm control components, tower and warning lights and electronic timers. Tend Technology is also one of the largest ISO9002 certified switch manufacturers in Asia.
They are also agents for MarGirius Electric, the largest switch manufacturer in Brazil from who heavy duty toggle switches, rubber booted rocker switches and ball type float switches are sourced.
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Clevertronics Pty Ltd is a manufacturer and distributor specialising in Exit and Emergency Lighting products, Commercial Fluorescent Lighting, Monitoring Systems for Exit and Emergency Lighting and Lighting Control Systems.
Clevertronics is an Australian owned company, which commenced business in 1981. Continued growth has seen the opening of company offices in Sydney and Brisbane, and agents servicing South Australia, Western Australia and New Zealand
We provide an extensive range of Electrician's Tools and Consumables, as well as a comprehensive range of armoured, unarmoured and screened cable glands for indoor and outdoor applications.
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Scholz Industries has been serving the Electrical and Air Conditioning trade industries for over 20 years. I am personally proud to lead a young dynamic business, which is 100% Australian owned and 100% committed to our trade partners, the Electrical Distributors and Electrical and Air Conditioning contractors. The business is committed to Australian manufacturing through it’s production facilities in Brisbane and Melbourne, and is actively engaged in Research and Development.